Russian Hearts review: I'm not smiling… Just spending!!!

Submitted: January 17, 2014 by John (Male, 41 years old).   The review has received 0 comments.

Here you find girls who will send smiles and invites for free but will never have any real communication. I must have been half asleep when I clicked 'buy me premium membership', only to realise I'd bought a membership for the girl I wanted to contact (after she'd sent me lots of smiles, kisses and coffee 'invites'). So when I purchased a membership myself, I at least expected a reply. After 2 days, I finally got one, but only via the website and not to my personal email address which I had requested in my message. After several requests, I finally received a brief email to my personal address, but that was it, I received no more. I guess the site administrators don't have time to keep sending or interpreting messages to me… to keep this scam going they really should put more effort into this!


Lots of smiles but no real contact.

John does not recommend Russian Hearts to others. Scam warning!

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