Plenty of Size review: Caution required

Submitted: August 20, 2017 by Simon (Male, 41 years old).   The review has received 0 comments.

I would be careful with this website, they are linked to a number of other websites and are part of a group.

My concern came with the membership payment ... I subscribed for one month and there is a message that says this will be automatically renewed ... Of course to pay just one month is the most expensive option. I looked on how to cancel, but you weren't allowed to cancel for 24 hours ... I found this a bit suspicious, and I wasn't going to be in the country 24 hours later ... I suspected they depended somewhat on the subscriber forgetting to cancel as you can't do it immediately ... I don't think we'd accept other people auto renewing if we went to test and they said they'd take the same amount next month unless you cancel but you can't cancel now you have to wait ... In case you forget. And btw way, there are bolt owns so full membership doesn't mean access all areas, you still to make additional purchases to make sure non members can read your emails, or can reply to your emails ... there's about four bolt one for these quite simple things ... So not a scam, but watch out for these things

It's ok, got genuine members on there

Watch out as they don't say they'll auto renew your membership, and full membership excluded a few things that you'll have to pay for

Simon is unsure if he would recommend Plenty of Size to others.

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