PinkCupid review: Pink Cupid and the Fake Profiles

Submitted: August 30, 2014 by Rebecca (Female, 41 years old).   The review has received 4 comments.

Whatever you do, don't sign up for a membership at this site. It's a waste of money. Most of the profiles are fake with people trying to run a scam. Also, it's located outside the U.S. and the customer service team is terrible. They will not answer your emails and the only phone number is an international number.

There's nothing good about this site.

everything from the fake profiles to the limited number of active ones

Rebecca does not recommend PinkCupid to others. Scam warning!

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Comments (4)

Submitted: July 1, 2015 by Anna (Female, 44 years old).

not all the profiles are scammers, but I did sign up and the first 5 people who contacted me all had platinum profiles and were eager to create an urgency or emergency and hoped I would fall for their scam. I did find some true friends, just friends off this site who are still friends. It's just unfortunate, but internet fraud is growing so it doesn't matter what dating site a person soon as someone gives you some red flags...pull out. -Anna

Submitted: January 4, 2017 by Anonymous (Female, 37 years old).

I'm a bit dubious about this site however how can you tell? I too have had some profiles that are very keen and then not without reason and would shut profile after they message me once but they may be on the 24hr Freeby then not bother. Or they may just be scared or its a scam. Who knows?!elliet singles is more expensive but the customer service is brilliant they reply straight away and remburse if requested within the time frame and it seems more secure as you can't view profiles until you pay. This seems harsh but it actually feels safer.

Submitted: January 11, 2017 by SP (Female, 41 years old).

Pink Cupid for Lesbians is a very good site to meet someone good. Lots of fakes with Platinum Profiles but they are easy to spot as soon as you start talking to them , you have to be careful and use common sense and know if someone is asking for money to come see you just don't fall for it . The customer service is the best in the business if you report someone for fraud they check and all the times remove their profile immediately of course they come back as another person just keep reporting the fakes every time with the click of a button to customer service .. Be smart and you will have no problem I meet many lovely woman on the site and it's my preference form dating sites . You can also use Google image search as an extra step to see if somone is fake . I never paid a penny to be on the site and customer service still took care of my needs . Thank you Pink Cupid customer service .

Submitted: February 20, 2017 by Anonymous (Female, 45 years old).

Girl from Ghana got real friendly, wasted no time in asking for money, and avoided the hard questions.

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