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Connecting Singles review: To troll or not to troll

Submitted: July 22, 2013 by kenny (Male, 50 years old).   The review has recieved 1 comment.

It's a kind of funny how a small group of people on the site forums are so addicted, they are on the site daily. They think they are the 'elite' and have been there so long, they really are damaging the site and discouraging to other members. It's like this one member questions another member and before you know it the other members think this person must be right about what they are saying because they are all friends but beware because some of them do not show who their allies are and they can turn nasty. I wouldn't mind except for all the dirty tactics used. I didn't sign up for women with saggy exposed boobs to view my profile and then get shirty when I politely ask them not to flirt with me. Many say they are leaving but either don't or return. It's more a ploy to get members to say don't leave. Some of the women are just as bad as the men. LAVINA appears to be a sweetie but she is another player and had a holiday romance with another english member which she denied to some members and to me so how can I trust any of these women. It's not just men women have to be wary of. It's a site for members with below average intelligence and prejudice of all sorts exists there. Apparently you are a troll if you cannot write good english according to a very manipulative female member who has a hippy lifestyle and rents a boarding room in a rainforest. I mean come on who is she to judge others.

Okay if your'e bored and don't expect real friendships and never give your personal info to anyone unless of course you have some social disability which makes it difficult for you to meet people in real life avoiding or minimising your time online.

Scammers, fake profiles, members with several profiles, usually the ones you would least suspect, trouble makers, pot stirrers, members sharing passwords, members copying people's photos. I would rather climb some of the world's most dangerous regions than waste my time on some of the idiots on there.

kenny does not recommend Connecting Singles to others.

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Comments (1)

Submitted: March 28, 2014 by Yakatori (Male, 31 years old).

A friend of mine had his thread topic hijacked by a couple of very opinionated women (2women....nocup and a woman living in Wales) having a ding dong about something completely trivial and a different subject from another thread. That's what some people do either just for fun or to get someone's thread deleted for sport. But my friend's thread got deleted and those two members are still on there even though they broke the site rules. To make matters worse, one of the women carried on being abusive to other members accusing them of all sorts on the public forums. The mods don't really care and are incestuous colluding with the regular members like J..the Welsh woman who is regularly rude to people because she thinks she is always right so because she can get away with overstepping the boundaries all the time, she thinks there is no stopping her and that she is untouchable. The truth is I feel sorry for some of these people as they all seem to have psycho-social issues which make it difficult for them to sustain relationships in real life or else they wouldn't be on there for years and years. Some of them say they are just on there for the forums, but it is sad to see 50/60/70+ members using a dating site like their personal private member's club. It's not easy to fit in with these institutionalised members who try to justify their existence on there. The back biting and gossip is terrible behind the scenes and this includes the members who are all sweetness and light to other members who then say terrible things about the people they have lavished praise upon. One regular member K....once posted she had cancer and all those people who were so nice to her in the same token were all running her down behind her back saying she didn't have cancer or it was not as serious as she made out because she had told all her fb friends a different story. It's just pathetic really. On another social networking site, some of the regulars (past and present) like to speculate who a new member is and try to accuse them of being someone they are not. More recently, a banned 70+ year old woman friendly with some of these 'members' went back in disguise as a younger woman. It was supposed to be just for a joke but she got deleted as she got drawn into arguments with the Welsh woman for example - no surprizes there then but several members knew who she was and went along with it - goody two shoes like mw who claims to raise up upstanding citizens - her children in Aus...down under. The Welsh woman who uses the site for secretive liaisons is the cs queen of all the b's, that is until the b. from prisoner cell block H takes over. It's a sad cultural pot of some nice and really not so nice members. One male Pak......member has been on there for years with so many profiles (male and female) but he will never leave because he is a commodity to the mods or more apt, one of the grasses. If you go on there, don't befriend anyone, they will pass any info you give them around. Some will go to extremes checking you out on any clues you give them e.g. photos. Then if they don't like you, they will use that information in some way and twist it. That's what catsy (not real name, previous banned member kicked off for suspected scamming) to another member did - she posted the member's real name on the forums - total invasion of anyone's privacy but people like this, they get eventually get deleted and come back as someone else - in her case - ash....who is friendly with a widow in Tennessee looking for hubby number 2 from the same site until the next created profile. I tell you this site is nuts because it is a magnet for every tom, dick and harry out there. There's some womanising men you really do not want to meet and one guy in Belgium was accused of date raping another member in Ireland. It was his word against hers - vice versa but he is still on there all charm and she left and who can blame her. Please just be very careful as you would with any strangers you meet online.

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