Dating Scammers - Warning Signs & How to date safely

Posted by John on October 4, 2015

As more and more people use online dating sites, online dating scammers are increasing. The scammers on dating sites has grown explosively in recent years. Thousands of scams are being reported every month.

However, we will not discourage you from online dating. Online dating offers more opportunities for you to find a partner. You just have to use common sense and to be aware that scammers exist. Therefore, we have compiled the most common warning signs and tips for dating safely.

Warning Signs

  • The profile is usually working abroad and don't have a family. Usually the scammer also claims to be an American soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan. It may also be Russian or Asian women who want to get into the country.
  • Both male and female profiles can be scammers. They most often seek out people who are significantly older than they are presenting themselves.
    The profile photos look too "perfect" and are most likely stolen from the Internet.
  • The scammer is charming and wants to move your conversation to a private chat as soon as possible, such as Skype.
  • The scammer gives you many compliments and quickly becomes more intimate and tells you that he/she has strong feelings for you even though you've never even met.
  • The scammer is repeating itself and what he/she has told you earlier don't seem consistent with what he/she told you the last time. The messages are also incoherent.
  • The scammer asks questions about you but avoids answering questions.
  • The scammer avoids meeting you or gets suddenly indisposed, if you've agreed on a date. Another scenario is that the scammer claims he/she can't afford to pay for the trip and asks you to pay for the trip.
  • Once the scammer has gained your trust (may take months) he/she will begin to make up stories that he/she has suddenly got into trouble, such as stuck in customs at the airport and urgently needs money and says that he has no other to turn to.
  • The scammer gets more and more desperate when you don't agree to send money and may even start to threaten you.

Tips for dating safely and to protect yourself from scammers

  • Trust your instincts. Is your date too good to be true it probably is so.
  • Choose a dating site that costs money. People with bad intentions tends to choose free sites.
  • Never give out personal information that can help a scammer to find out your identity.
  • NEVER send money or card details.
  • Be patient at the beginning and do not leave out your e-mail, phone number or where you live until you're absolutely sure that your date is genuine.
  • If you intend to meet your date for the first time, choose a public place where there are lots of people around.

Do you suspect that you have chatted with a scammer, report the person to the dating site's customer service and contact the police if you have fallen victim to a scam . Do you have own opinions and thoughts on dating scammers, feel free to comment below. Here you can find dating sites that we think are safe.

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